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Where does DIAMOND LAND take place?
a) northern Africa
b) a coal mine
c) South Africa
d) New York

Based on the story DIAMOND LAND, you can tell that Ayize is...
a) responsible and courageous
b) sneaky and untrustworthy
c) carefree and funny
d) lazy and foolish

What is the most important event in the story?
a) Ayize talks to Father Thomas.
b) Nkosi dies in the mines.
c) Zindzi gives Ayize a necklace.
d) A man give Ayize a ride to Shantytown.

Which of the following events happens first?
a) Ayize leaves to work in the mines.
b) Ayize finds Nkosi's diamonds.
c) Ayize's family loses most of their cattle.
d) Ayize and Zindzi get married.

The overall message of this story is...
a) to never work in the mines.
b) to be mistrustful of everyone.
c) to avoid hitchhiking.
d) that all people deserve respect and justice.

The word RURAL means...
a) countryside.
b) dangerous.
c) city.
d) modern.

The word CONFLICT means...
a) secret.
b) disagreement.
c) understanding.
d) joke.

The word BIAS means...
a) strong friendship.
b) good feeling.
c) prejudice.
d) forgetfulness.

To make a verb past tense you often add...
a) -ing
b) -ed
c) -ly
d) -s

What color of diamonds did Nkosi have in his cap?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Pink
d) Yellow

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