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Which of the following is an example of exploitation of indigenous people?
a) Providing them with modern medicine
b) Promoting stable laws within their country
c) Using up their raw materials
d) Establishing schools in their country

Due to Social Darwinism, Europeans believed
a) The white race was superior
b) All nations of the world were equal
c) Traditional (primitive) societies were worth preserving
d) The indigenous people were superior

Which is an example of how imperial powers used westernization (spreading their beliefs) to force the people in traditional societies to change their lifestyles?
a) Increase in the study of communism in Tibetan monasteries.
b) The ending of the practice of sati (suttee) in India.
c) The destruction of the Buddhist religion in China.
d) The creation of foot binding in China

During the nineteenth century, European powers pursued a policy of imperialism in many global regions. What was an important effect of European imperialism in Africa?
a) the exploitation of African natural resources by colonial powers
b) improved working conditions for the peoples of Africa
c) African dependence on the export of manufactured goods
d) a belief in the superiority of African culture

What was the effect of European conquest of Africa from the African perspective?
a) loss of political independence.
b) fewer agricultural products for foreign trade.
c) new national boundaries based on ethnic and cultural similarities.
d) global appreciation for African cultures and encouragement of their development

What caused the Opium War?
a) America's opium trade
b) China trying to stop the English from selling Opium to China
c) A desire for self-rule
d) Anger at western reforms

What event is depicted by the image below?
a) Boer War
b) Sati
c) Foot-Binding
d) Sepoy Rebellion

What effect did the importation of mass-produced European goods have on colonial economies?
a) Artisan (Native) run businesses flourished. (was successful)
b) Local economies became self-sufficient
c) European manufactured goods became harder to find in the colonies
d) Artisan (Native) run businesses were hurt

The political consequences of imperialism included:
a) Increased tensions among western powers
b) Greater cooperation among western powers
c) The decline of colonial rule in Africa and Asia
d) Strengthening of local governments in Africa and Asia

What was the attitude of the Japanese toward America’s Commodore Perry sailing into Tokyo Bay in 1853, opening Japan to western trade?
a) The Japanese resented being forced to sign a treaty to trade with the West.
b) The Japanese were happy because they could finally establish trade with the Western World.
c) Perry freed Japan from British rule.
d) This event started the Opium War

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