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The Articles of Confederation were important MAINLY because they;
a) named the country
b) protected the rights and liberties of American citizens.
c) forbade states to enter into treaties without approval from Congress.
d) held the country together prior to the implementation of the Constitution.

Originally, Abraham Baldwin favored representation in the Senate based on population. What led Baldwin to change his mind to favoring equal representation?
a) He feared small states would leave the Convention.
b) The issue of representation was not a serious matter.
c) He sought to guarantee a seat for himself in the Senate.
d) Representation based on population would not benefit Georgia.

Under the Articles of Confederation, the writers created a unicameral legislature. The BEST definition of unicameral legislature is;
a) a two-house law making body
b) a branch which enforces the laws
c) a one-house law-making body
d) a branch which determines if laws are constitutional

Why did the authors of the Articles of Confederation want a federal government with little power?
a) They did not favor a government that gave power to the southern states.
b) They had just freed themselves from the domination of a strong, powerful government in Great Britain
c) They considered themselves 13 separate states rather than one nation.
d) They wanted local governments to have the most power because that was closest to the people.

Under the Articles of Confederation, which branch was not included?
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial
d) Unicameral

The Georgia Constitution of 1777 included three branches of government. How was the executive branch chosen?
a) The people voted.
b) The legislative body chose.
c) The judicial body chose.
d) The federal government chose.

Under the Georgia Constitution of 1777, how long was the term of the governor?
a) 4 years
b) 3 years
c) 2 years
d) 1 year

The first governor chosen to govern Georgia was;
a) Abraham Baldwin
b) William Few
c) John Treutlen
d) William Houstoun

The Georgia signers of the U.S. Constitution were;
a) George Walton and Button Gwinnett
b) Button Gwinnett and Abraham Baldwin
c) Abraham Baldwin and Lyman Hall
d) Abraham Baldwin and William Few

At the Constitutional Convention, the Great Compromise fixed what problem?
a) Legislative representation for large and small states
b) How to count slaves for representation
c) Which territories could become slave states
d) None of the answers are true

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