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Which of the following is not biodegradable?
a) chicken bones
b) newspaper
c) grass clippings
d) aluminum can

What is the dangerous liquid associated with landfills.
a) leachate
b) animal urine
c) acid rain
d) compost

Which item below does not minimize the impact on landfills?
a) reduce
b) review
c) recycle
d) reuse

Where does municipal waste come from?
a) East coast
b) rural areas
c) cities and towns
d) chicken manure

Which of the following is associated with landfills?
a) water vapor
b) methane gas
c) ozone
d) oxygen

Which is an example of source reduction?
a) outsourcing to China
b) recycling
c) outsourcing to Mexico
d) buying products with less packaging

Which is not in advantage for buying organic?
a) it is more nutritious
b) fewer pesticides are used
c) fewer animals are killed
d) it is cheaper

Which should not be placed into a compost?
a) spoiled lettuce
b) lumber
c) rotting meat
d) grass and leaves

Which is not an advantage of eating non-organic food?
a) you can't be as many people
b) it's cheaper
c) causes less pollution
d) it's easier to find

Which of the following is not part of a landfill?
a) plastic liner
b) limestone
c) Sand and gravel
d) Clay

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