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A student throws a water balloon at a friend. If an unbalanced force does not act on the balloon, the balloon....
a) travels faster
b) travels in a straight line
c) climbs higher in the air
d) falls to the ground

When students are playing tug-of-war, why does one team usually pull the rope out of the other team's hand?
a) the pulling force of the winning team is stronger than the pulling force of the losing team.
b) The pulling forces of both teams are equal.
c) the pushing forces of both teams are unequal.
d) the winning team exhibits better sportsmanship.

Which statement best describes a condition that would move a car forward on the road?
a) the force of the engine is less than the force of friction.
b) the pulling force is greater than the force pushing the car.
c) the pushing force is less than the force pulling the car.
d) the force of the engine is greater than the force of friction.

If a coyote runs 42 meters in 6 seconds, what is its average speed?
a) 6 m/s
b) 7 m/s
c) 48 m/s
d) 252 m/s

Which of the following best represents potential energy?
a) air leaking from a flat tire.
b) a marble sitting at the top of a ramp.
c) heat given off by a forest fire.
d) water flowing through a hose.

Which statement describes why a ball changes direction when it is hit with a bat?
a) the bat exerts a balanced force on the ball.
b) the bat exerts an unbalanced force on the ball.
c) the ball bounces off the bat.
d) the ball slows the bat down.

As a boulder rolls down the side of a mountain:
a) Some of its kinetic energy is converted to potential energy.
b) it loses all of its energy and only moves because of gravity.
c) its energy is transformed into electrical energy.
d) the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy as it rolls faster and faster.

When an object is in motion, it is changing which of the following?
a) its position
b) its direction
c) its location
d) any of the above

If a person wants to know the speed of an object, what information could be used?
a) the distance the object moved from its original position in a certain amount of time.
b) the distance an object moved after changind its direction in a certain amount of time.
c) the distance the object traveled in a certain amount of time.
d) any of the above.

What happens to the potential energy of a roller coaster car as it climbs to the top of a hill?
a) the potential energy decreases.
b) the kinetic energy increases.
c) the potential energy increases.
d) the potential energy and kinetic energy stay the same.

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