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Air Pollution
a) is a concern in the United Kingdom
b) is a concern in Brazil
c) Is a concern in Turkey
d) Is a concern in Russia

Acid Rain
a) rain mixed with pollutants in the air
b) clouds mixed with smoke
c) smoke and fog
d) rain mixed with clouds in the air

Where is acid rain a major concern?
a) Germany
b) United Kingdom
c) Mexico
d) France

Where is air pollution a major concern?
a) United Kingdom
b) France
c) Italy
d) Turkey

What is literacy rate?
a) the percentage of citizens 15 and over that can read and write
b) the percentage of citizens 15 and over that cannot read and write
c) the percentage of all citizens that can read and write
d) the percentage of all citizens that cannot read and write

What is the standard of living?
a) measure of a nation's quality of life based on income, education, life expectancy and other factors
b) percent of citizens that can read and write
c) the country's gross domestic product
d) how many entrepreneurs are in a country

What is diverse?
a) different or varied
b) the same
c) exact
d) similar

Europe is ____________ because it has many languages and religions
a) diverse
b) similar
c) strange
d) polluted

What does contaminated mean?
a) unclean
b) healthy
c) sanitized
d) clean

People in Ukraine were ___________________ by the radiation and became sick.
a) contaminated
b) polluted
c) cleaned
d) sanitized

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