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_________ are hard, colorful minerals that have a brilliant or glassy luster
a) gemstones
b) metals
c) light bulbs
d) medicines

Metals are useful because they can be stretched into wire, flattened into sheets, and hammered or molded___________
a) while breaking
b) without breaking
c) until shiny
d) into gold

Quartz is a mineral found in
a) sand
b) cement
c) optical instruments
d) fertilizer

Which of the following is not a step in producing metals from minerals?
a) mining
b) prospecting
c) smelting
d) blasting

Geologists can map the size and shape of an _______ deposit containing ________ iron or nickel
a) ore; magnetic
b) ore; non-magnetic
c) abundant; magnetic
d) abundant; non-magnetic

What type of mine would be used to get to minerals close to Earth's surface
a) strip
b) open pit
c) shaft
d) canary

Which is not a step in the smelting process?
a) the molten iron is left with impurities
b) iron ore is crushed and mixed with limestone and coke
c) mixture is heated so coke will burn
d) burning causes the release of carbon dioxide gas and molten iron

______ is a solid mixture of 2 or more elements, one of which is a metal
a) an alloy
b) a processed ore
c) a steelmaker
d) two of the choices

A rock containing a desired mineral must be _______ to extract the metal
a) prospected
b) mined
c) processed
d) crushed

Which type of mine is made by digging a tremendous hole?
a) shaft
b) open pit
c) canary
d) strip

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