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Which of the following should be printed to assist the speaker in remembering key points that are not included in the slide show?
a) notes pages
b) animations
c) transitions
d) slide shows

What is it called when the main points in a presentation enter a slide from the top, bottom, left, right, appear suddenly, or when the mouse is clicked?
a) fly-ins
b) charts
c) graphics
d) objects

What does it mean when you have animations and transitions in your presentations?
a) the slides do something
b) the slides do nothing
c) the slides use different designs
d) the slides use different layouts

What effect is being used when one slide moves off the screen and is replaced by another slide during a presentation?
a) transition
b) animation
c) bullet
d) graphics

What kind of space on a slide is used to emphasize content?
a) white
b) outline
c) pictures
d) template

What controls the flow of information on a slide?
a) animation
b) bullets
c) graphics
d) transitions

What feature allows a presentation to run automatically and repeat?
a) continuous looping
b) slide sorter
c) speaker's notes
d) outline view

Which slide layout is used to introduce the audience to the presentation?
a) title
b) chart
c) picture
d) end

What should be used in a presentation to emphasize each item in a list?
a) bullets
b) graphics
c) outlines
d) sounds

A presentation is prepared to display the lyrics of the National Anthem during the Fayetteville Swamp Dogs' opening game. Which method of delivery is NOT appropriate?
a) rolling script
b) group delivery
c) hard copy
d) self-service

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