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A group of cells is called a ...
a) cell address
b) cell range
c) absolute cell
d) mess

A built-in formula (sum, avg, max, min) in excel is known as a ...
a) function
b) calculation
c) problem
d) chart

You use a _______________ to interpret your chart
a) legend
b) graph
c) formula
d) key

A label is defined as ...
a) numbers
b) letters
c) formulas
d) messages

When you insert a new row it will appear _______________ the selected row.
a) above
b) below
c) to the left of
d) to the right of

A formula must start with which prefix?
a) +
b) =
c) /
d) *

Multiple worksheets equal ...
a) rows
b) columns
c) a workbook
d) a textbook

The _______________ button will fill data to adjacent cells.
a) fx
b) formula
c) function
d) autofill

Which chart shows comparison of part to whole?
a) line chart
b) pie chart
c) bar chart
d) column chart

The lines between columns and rows are called ...
a) answers
b) borders
c) grids
d) boundaries

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