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What is the most abundant salt in the ocean?
a) Magnesium Chloride
b) Mercury
c) Iodine
d) Sodium Chloride

Ocean water is a mixture of which 2 things?
a) Only salts.
b) Dissolved gases and solids.
c) Solids and algae.
d) Liquid nitrogen and oxygen.

More nutrients are found in the deep zone. Why?
a) Because cold water holds less nutrients.
b) Because warm water holds more nutrients.
c) Because warm water constantly sinks bringing down the nutrients.
d) Because cold water holds more nutrients.

What force causes waves?
a) Wind.
b) Tides.
c) Ocean currents.
d) Gravity.

Currents are caused by which 2 factors?
a) Water density and temperature.
b) Wind patterns and water density.
c) Size of waves and duration.
d) Salinity and water density.

Name a long distance surface current that carries warm water from Florida up the East Coast.
a) The Labrador current.
b) The inter-coastal waterway.
c) The Gulf Stream.
d) The Pacific Gyre.

A current that cuts open a sand bar and forces water straight out in to the ocean is called:
a) Long distance deep currents.
b) Surface currents.
c) Paralell currents.
d) Rip current.

El Nino can cause the following to occur.
a) Change weather patterns all over the world.
b) Causes tidal waves
c) Stabilize the weather in South America.
d) Help the fishing industry.

Upwelling is:
a) Surface currents that make sandbars.
b) Long distant surface currents.
c) When tides are higher than usual.
d) When cold rich water comes to the surface.

Barrier Islands are:
a) Elongated bodies of sand surrounded by inlets
b) Volcanic hot spot volcanoes
c) Sea cliffs off the coast of Africa.
d) Sea stacks off the coast of Florida.

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