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Once bone formation is complete, the bone ______________ throughout life.
a) remains stable
b) is remodeled

The type of joint that permits the widest range of motion is
a) ball and socket
b) gliding
c) condyloid
d) pivot

Moving the parts at a joint so that the angle between them is increased is called
a) flexion
b) extension
c) elevation
d) abduction

To accomplish movement, bones and muscles function together to act as
a) levers
b) factories
c) wedges
d) ramps

Which of the following bones contain red marrow for blood cell formation in a healthy adult?
a) pelvis
b) small bones of the wrist
c) ribs
d) both pelvis and ribs

Which of the following substances are not normally found in bone?
a) potassium
b) calcium
c) lead
d) magnesium

The bones most often affected by osteoporosis are the
a) both hip bones and vertebrae
b) hip bones
c) bones of the skull
d) vertebrae

The hormone associated with the development of osteoporosis is
a) testosterone
b) estrogen
c) progesterone
d) calcitonin

The part of the spinal column in which the vertebrae are fused is the
a) cervical spine
b) thoracic spine
c) sacrum
d) coccyx

The only movable bone of the skull is the
a) nasal bone
b) mandible
c) vomer
d) maxilla

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