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The Word application does not allow users to undo multiple actions at one time.
a) False
b) True

_____show groupings of word processing tasks that can be performed.
a) Ribbons
b) Icons
c) Title bars
d) Status bars

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate use of word processing software?
a) Search the web for information
b) Print and share documents electronically
c) Enhance documents with charts
d) Design and format a page

Which element is located along the top of the Word screen?
a) ribbons
b) Zoom bar
c) vertical scroll bar
d) View buttons

The Undo button located in the Quick Access Toolbar will _____.
a) remove the last change that was made to a document
b) repeat the last change made to the document
c) remove the text to the right of the cursor
d) paste text from the clipboard

Select the method that will allow a user to save a file as a new file type.
a) choose File tab and select Save As
b) press Ctrl+S
c) select Save from the File menu
d) select Home tab and choose Save

The print command is available in the _____ tab.
a) File (the button)
b) Home
c) Insert
d) Quick Access

To open an existing Word document, a user should select _____ .
a) File tab and then Open
b) File tab and then New
c) Home tab and Open
d) Open from the vertical scroll bar

The first time you save a document, the computer will default to _____ so you can select your file type
a) the Save As dialog box
b) the Open dialog box
c) the File tab
d) the Quick Access save location

Where can users create a new folder to organize documents?
a) Save As dialog box
b) backstage view
c) File tab
d) View tab

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