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Francisco Coronado claimed land for Spain known as-
a) The Mississippi Valley
b) the southwestern United States
c) eastern Canada
d) French settlement of Quebec

The English explorer who explored eastern Canada was-
a) Henry Hudson
b) John Cabot
c) Vasco de Gama
d) Samuel de Champlain

The French explorer who explored the Mississippi River Valley was-
a) Robert La Salle
b) John Cabot
c) Samuel de Champlain
d) Francisco Coronado

Poor Maps and navigational tools, disease, and fear of the unknown were all-
a) examples of cultural interaction
b) accomplishments of explorers
c) obstacles of exploration
d) motivations for exploring

It is most likely that English settlers learned which of the following from American Indians?
a) shipbuilding
b) animals to raise
c) crops to grow
d) weapons to use

"We believe that land is to be shared or used but not owned." This statement was most likely made by who?
a) European monarchs
b) American settlers
c) Spanish explorers
d) American Indians

Which country explored West Africa?
a) Portugal
b) England
c) France
d) Spain

What are three empires that ruled in West Africa
a) Ghana, Mali, and Nigeria,
b) Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
c) Ghana, Guinea, Mali
d) Songhai, Sahara, Egypt

Gold, God, and Glory were all what for explorers?
a) motivations of exploration
b) obstacles of exploration
c) accomplishments of exploration
d) problems of explortation

Which American Indian group lived in igloos?
a) Pueblo
b) Lakota
c) Inuit
d) Kwakiutl

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