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The cell wall....
a) Decides what goes in and out of the cell.
b) None of the above.
c) Give the cell its color.
d) Supports the cell.

Chloroplast aids in....
a) Photosynthesis
b) Production of energy.
c) Production of proteins.
d) Cell reproduction.

Where are proteins made?
a) Lysosomes
b) Mitochondria
c) Ribosomes
d) Cytoplasm

Which organelle(s) are found in the plant cell and not the animal cell.
a) Chloroplast
b) All of the above
c) Vacuole
d) Cell Wall

Cells are small because
a) Their volume does not increase.
b) Their volume is limited to how large their surface area is.
c) They have soft outer layers.
d) The surface area to volume ratio is large.

What do all cells have?
a) Ribosomes
b) All of the above.
c) DNA
d) Cytoplasm

The cell membrane decides what comes in and goes out of the cell.
a) True
d) False

Where in the cell is energy produced?
a) Lysosomes
b) Mitochondria
c) Edoplasmic Reticukum
d) Golgi bodies

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes differ how?
a) Prokaryotes have a nucles.
b) Eukaryotes have a nucleolus.
c) Prokaryotes have a nucleolus.
d) Eukaryotes have nucleus.

The jelly-like structure that holds most organelles is...
a) Chloroplast
b) Cytoplasm
c) Cell Membrane
d) Ribosomes

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