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A protractor is used to.....
a) measure the LENGTH of a certain angle
b) measure or create an ANGLE
c) determine the distance between two lines
d) only in mathematics

The purpose of this lab was to.....
a) find out if the the angle in which light hit a thermometer made a difference in temperature
b) find out what type of light made the hottest temperature
c) find the perfect hating angle
d) none of the above

A 180 degree angle is
a) straight up or perpendicular to the table
b) flat against or parallel to the table
c) hard to determine
d) is 1/4 of a 360 degree angle

Which angle 90deg, 50deg, or 180deg did you expect to show the highest temperature
a) 90 degrees
b) all except 90 degrees
c) all except 180 degrees
d) 90 degrees

What, in the real world, did the light represent in the lab?
a) the Moon
b) an angle
c) Heat
d) the Sun

What did, in the real world, the thermometers represent?
a) the Earth and its angle tilts
b) the Moon
c) the Sun
d) the Distance

Do all planets have Seasons?
a) Yes
b) No
c) only if they have a tilt
d) only in our Solar System

A 45 degree angle would be....
a) halfway between flat again the table and facing straight up in the air
b) is more than 50 degrees
c) is less that 10 degrees
d) straight up and down on the table.

One of these is NOT a factor in creating or determining weather
a) Sun (heat)
b) Air (wind)
c) Space
d) Water (precipitation)

True or False Climate and weather are generally the same thing.
a) True
b) False

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