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What is the equipment used to measure volume of a 4 sided object
a) ruler
b) balance
c) graduated cylinder
d) scale

What is the unit used to measure density
a) cm3
b) g/cm
c) g/mL
d) g/cm2

What is the formula for density
a) D = l x w x h
b) D = M/V
c) D = V/M
d) D = M x V

What is the density of an object with a mass of 20g and a volume of 10mL
a) 2 g/mL
b) 200 g/mL
c) .5 g/mL
d) 10 g/mL

What piece of equipment is used to measure mass
a) scale
b) ruler
c) balance
d) graduated cylinder

What is the metric unit of mass
a) grams
b) pounds
c) newtons
d) centimeter

Which word means how much something floats
a) volume
b) mass
c) balance
d) buoyancy

If 3 liquids of different densitys were poured into the same container which would be on top
a) most dense
b) least dense
c) middle dense
d) none of the above

Which piece of equipment is used to measure liquid volume
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) ruler
d) scale

If an object has a density of 1.2 g/cm3, what will happen to it when it is put in water
a) float
b) sink
c) be in the between the top and bottom
d) partially float

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