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The shawnee lived in what kind of houses?
a) just wigwam
b) Colonial
c) Long houses and Wigwam
d) log houses

What group of indians were from the Upper Great Lakes
a) Shawnee
b) Delaware
c) Mingo
d) Ottawa

What activity did the Wyndot group celebrate
a) Strawberry Feast and Green Corn Dance.
b) Halloween
c) Green Corn Dance
d) Peace Pipe

What group traded Food and Furs mostly.
a) Hopewells
b) Wyndot
c) Fort Ancient
d) Adena

Where were the Wyndot originally from?
a) Canada
b) Delaware, NJ and Pennsylvania
c) South Carolina and Pennsylvania
d) Miami

What is the religious leader that healed sick people with the hopewell tribe.
a) Tribe Leader
b) Tribe Mother
c) Trades Man
d) Shaman

What was the first group of people to move to ohio country 15,000 years ago?
a) Fort Ancient
b) Pableo
c) Shawnee
d) Adena

Which group did not farm much but did more gathering for food.
a) Fort Anicent
b) Adena
c) Shaman
d) Hopewell

Which activitity was the Mingo people known for?
a) Feast to honor their Dead
b) Green corn dance only
c) Peace Pipe
d) Strawberry Feast and Green Corn Dance

People used animal skins to make what?
a) Car seat covers
b) log carriers
c) Baby cribs
d) Houses and clothing

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