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Which of the following statements is false about magma?
a) It's layer is molten rock.
b) It's temperature is about 2000 degrees Celcius.
c) It is the same as the mantle.
d) it rises to the Earth's surface when there is an eruption.

Plates move due to....
a) subduction
b) convection currents in the mantle
c) sea floor spreading
d) continental drift

What is Pangea?
a) It is the name of a extinct volcano.
b) The Latin word for Volcano
c) It is the a single landmass whereby all continents were joined together.
d) It is a huge disruption of the Earth's atmospheric circulation.

Subduction causes all of the following except
a) Magma rises through fractures in the crust and reaches the surface to form volcanoes.
b) The subducted plate melts to produce magma.
c) The thinner, less dense plate will slide under the denser plate.
d) Plates move towards each other.

We, in the United States are located on which plate?
a) Eurasian Plate
b) South American Plate
c) North American Plate
d) Pacific Plate

The word Volcano comes from ...
a) the Latin word Vulcano an island in Sicily
b) The Greek God of Fire
c) Both the island and the Greek God
d) none of the above

Which of these ARE NOT a part of a Volcano
a) Crater
b) Vent
c) Magma Chamber
d) Crust

What is the order in which Magma explodes out of a Vocano?
a) crater, vent, magma chamber, out into the air
b) vent, magma chamber, to the cone then out of the crater
c) magma chamber, to the vent,up through the pipe and out the crater
d) None of the above

True or False, there are only two (2) types of Volcanoes.
a) True
b) False

Where are "hot spots" located
a) at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
b) on the border between countries
c) at the edge of tectonic plates
d) In India

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