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What is lava?
a) ash
b) melted rock that hardens when it cools
c) moving plates that cause an earthquake
d) hot gases

What do you call water that evaporates into the air?
a) the water cycle
b) precipitation
c) ice
d) water vapor

What is the first step in the water cycle?
a) Water vapor rises.
b) Heat from the Sun evaporates water.
c) Precipitation falls.
d) Drops of water form clouds.

What helps prevent erosion of soil?
a) plants
b) sand
c) wind
d) rain

What can cause erosion of a sandy beach?
a) beach dumping
b) sea life
c) ocean waves
d) the Sun in the summer

Heat from the Sun evaporates
a) water
b) land
c) plants
d) condensation

Water vapor _________. It cools and condeses into tiny drops of water.
a) evaporates
b) drops
c) rises
d) sinks

The drops of water form ________.
a) condensation
b) soil
c) gas
d) clouds

When the drops of water get big enough, they fall to the ground as _______.
a) precipitation
b) erosion
c) lava
d) soil

Water returns to the lakes and __________. The cycle begins again.
a) rivers
b) oceans
c) streams
d) flood

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