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Which of the following documents cannot be created using the Microsoft® Word® application?
a) True
d) False

To save a revised document as the original name and in the original file location, a user should select _____.
a) Save
b) Open
c) File New
d) Save As

To create a new blank document, the user should _____.
a) select New from the File tab
b) select New from the Home tab
c) select New from the Home tab
d) select Open from the Quick Access toolbar

A shortcut key combination to save a file is _____.
a) Ctrl+S
b) Shift+O
c) Shift+S
d) Ctrl+N

To delete text to the left of the cursor, press the _____ key.
a) Backspace
b) End
c) Home
d) Delete

To create a new folder, users can select the New Folder button from _____.
a) the Save As dialog box
b) the Home tab
c) the Quick Access toolbar
d) the File tab

The _____ button will remove the last change that was made to a document.
a) Undo
b) Clipboard
c) Redo
d) Delete

Dragging the Zoom slider to the right will _____.
a) increase the size of the document on the screen
b) change the view to Print Layout
c) reduce the size of the font
d) decrease the screen size

Where are Undo and Redo buttons typically located?
a) on the Quick Access toolbar
b) in the backstage view
c) in the Home tab
d) on the Status bar

Use the _____________ key to move to the end of a line.
a) end
b) up
c) down
d) backspace

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