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Which layer is older?
a) B
b) Q
c) W
d) K

Tilting or folding of rocks is known as what principle?
a) superposition
b) inclusion
c) horizontality
d) cross cutting

If magma moves across existing layers, this is what principle?
a) superposition
b) inclusion
c) horizontality
d) cross cutting

What method is used to determine the exact age of rock?
a) radiometric dating
b) relative dating
c) correlation
d) ask a rock

If a fossil was found in rock layer E, which is older E or fossil? Which principle
a) E, superposition
b) fossil, inclusion
c) fossil, superposition
d) E, inclusion

If you start with 100 grams of a sample and there are 25 grams left 10 minutes later, what is the half life?
a) 10 mintues
b) 30 minutes
c) 5 minutes
d) 20 minutes

Which is an example of erosion
a) glaciers
b) frost wedging
c) root pry
d) abrasion

Weathering and Erosoin happens to which rocks?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) metamorphic
d) all rocks

frost wedging is an example of ____________
a) weathering
b) gravity erosion
c) mass wasting
d) soil formation

If a layer of rock between E and K is not smooth, what is the cause?
a) acid rain
b) erosion
c) pressure reduction
d) oxidation

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