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Which would NOT be a reason for people to migrate to new areas?
a) They have a surplus of food from farming.
b) They have hostile neighbors.
c) They do not have an adequate water supply.
d) They have to find trade and trade resources.

Hunters and gathers were probably able to survive for thousands of years because they had ______________.
a) language to communicate
b) primitive tools
c) good weapons
d) a steady food supply

Paleolithic people were _____________________.
a) hunters
b) farmers
c) merchants
d) traders

Neolithic people were ________________.
a) famers
b) hunters
c) merchants
d) traders

Mesopotamia means _______________________________.
a) the land between two rivers
b) Tigris river farming
c) Euphrates river farming
d) great desert area

Sumerians use mud bricks to build _____________________.
a) houses
b) canals
c) irrigation devices
d) schools

Which of the following was NOT an advantage of the domestication of plants and animals?
a) strong armies were created
b) development of cities
c) increase of trade
d) surplus of food

What is a shadoof?
a) a water lifting device
b) a type of hat Egyptian pharaohs wore
c) objects placed in the pyramids
d) Egyptian system of writing

On what continent are the Indus and Huang He rivers located?
a) Asia
b) Australia
c) Africa
d) Antarctica

Hinduism is ______________________________.
a) polytheistic
b) monotheistic
c) holistic
d) ballistic

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