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Snow, rain, and hail are kinds of
a) precipitation
b) condense
c) landslide
d) erosion

The hot sun can make water
a) condense
b) earthquake
c) precipitation
d) evaporate

Wind breaking down rock is called
a) landslide
b) earthquake
c) erosion
d) volcano

When plates in the Earth's crust move, it can cause an
a) hurricane
b) earthquake
c) landslide
d) volcano

A mountain made of cooled lava is a
a) volcano
b) tornado
c) drought
d) earthquake

The quick movement of soil down a hill is a
a) volcano
b) earthquake
c) landslide
d) drought

When water vapor changes to a liquid, it
a) evaporates
b) erosion
c) water vapor
d) condenses

Bubbles from boiling water go into the air as
a) precipitation
b) water vapor
c) condensation
d) evaporation

What causes a drought?
a) not enough sun
b) too much snow
c) too much rain
d) not enough rain

What can both tornadoes and earthquakes cause?
a) erosion
b) hurricanes
c) landslides
d) fast winds

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