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When making a graph what goes on the IV?
a) X-Axis
b) O-Axis
c) Title
d) Y-Axis

When making a graph what goes on the DV?
a) X-Axis
b) O-Axis
c) Title
d) Y-Axis

The volumen of a fish tank would be measured in ____.
a) g
b) m
c) L
d) km

In class we did the lab where we filled the glass, yet we were able to add more water to the container. What broke when the water dripped over the side?
a) surface tension
b) polar tension
c) capillary action
d) polar molecules

In an experiment to test the effect of exercise on the number of times a clothespin can be squeezed in 1 minutes, the dependent variable would be the
a) test subject
b) clothespin
c) number of squeezes
d) amount of exercise

A laboratory procedure calls for heating 50 milliliters of a liquid sugar solution to 60°C. Which piece of laboratory equipment will not be needed?
a) protective eyewear
b) graduated cylinder
c) thermometer
d) ruler

When a substance dissolves into water we know it is _____.
a) polar
b) polar tension
c) co-polar
d) nonpolar

The measurement of the force of gravity on an object is the object's
a) mass
b) density
c) weight
d) volume

The measurement of how much matter an object contains is its
a) volume
b) density
c) mass
d) weight

The metric unit for mass is the
a) ounce
b) liter
c) pound
d) gram

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