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Plant cells are unique because they have:
a) a )cytoplasm
b) b)cell wall
c) c)endoplasmic reticulum

Euglenas are unique protist because they
a) a) make their own food,
b) b)multiply,
c) c)live in soil

Chloroplasts and cell walls are found in
a) a)tigers,
b) b) plants,
c) c) humans

Which instrument did 18 century scientist use to develop the cell theory:
a) a)light microscope,
b) b) gel electrophoresis,
c) c)ultracentrifuge

Meiosis occurs in which animal cells:
a) a)muscle cells,
b) b) nerve cells
c) c)sex cell

Which cell organelle makes the protein for the cell:
a) a)ribosome,
b) b)mitochondria,
c) c)nucleolus

Which cell organelle uses sunlight to make sugar from carbon dioxide and water:
a) a)ribosome, .
b) b)mitochondria
c) c)chloroplasts

Which cellular structure is responsible for storing food, water and wastes: .
a) chloroplasts
b) )mitochondria
c) vacuole

What is the measurement of stuff in something
a) volume
b) area
c) mass

What is the metric measurement for length
a) inches
b) meters
c) liter

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