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Where was Jesus born?
a) Jerusalem
b) Egypt
c) Nazareth
d) Bethlehem

Who asked,
a) King Herod
b) Shepherds
c) Joseph
d) Magi from the east

Whom did King Herod ask where the Christ was to be born?
a) The people's chief priests
b) Teachers of the law
c) The people's chief priests and teachers of the law
d) None of these answers

What had a prophet written would out of Bethlehem?
a) Chariots of fire
b) Another great prophet
c) A three-headed beast
d) A ruler to shepherd Israel

What did Herod secretly learn from the Magi about the star in the east?
a) The exact time it appeared
b) Whether it was a shooting star
c) Whether it ever disappeared
d) Nothing - they refused to speak to him

Who did Herod send to Bethlehem to make a careful search for the child?
a) His chief cupbearer
b) The Magi
c) He thought they were cousins
d) He and Joseph were old friends

What reason did Herod give for wanting the child to be found?
a) He wanted to give him keys to his kingdom
b) He wanted to go worship him
c) He thought they were cousins
d) He and Joseph were old friends

What did the Magi follow to the place where the child was?
a) The star they had seen in the east
b) Camels that were gifts from Herod
c) Herod's entourage
d) A yellow brick road

Who presented gold, incense and myrrh to Jesus?
a) Joseph
b) Herod
c) Shepherds
d) Magi

How were the Magi warned not to go back to Herod but rather to take another route?
a) By Mary
b) By Joseph
c) A star that traveled another direction
d) In a dream

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