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Justin can complete 7 math problems in one minute. How many problems could he complete in 4 minutes?
a) 7X4=28
b) 7+4=11
c) 4X7= 21
d) 7-4=3

Alexis used 54 pages to print 6 copies of her report. How many pages does each report have?
a) 48 pages
b) 60 pages
c) 9 pages
d) 324 pages

Craig has a twenty dollar bill. He buys six squirt guns for $2 each. How much money did Craig have left?
a) $22
b) $8
c) $12
d) $18

Patty and Carl went to the movies. Patty bought the two movie tickets for $7.35 each. Carl bought two buckets of popcorn at $5.60 each. How much more money did Patty spend than Car
a) $1.75
b) $12.95
c) $3.50
d) $25.90

Choose the correct operation:Jim baked sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. He baked 8 sugar cookies and 3 times as many peanut butter cookies. What is the total number of cook
a) 8x3=24
b) 8+3=11
c) 8-3=5
d) (8X3)+8=32

What is the next number in the pattern for numbers listed- 2,8,32,128, (X)
a) x=160
b) x=256
c) x=512
d) x=328

Which of the number patterns below follows the rule subtract 7 to get to the next number?
a) 51, 44, 37, 30, 23, 16
b) 79, 72, 56, 51, 47, 44
c) 66, 60, 53, 45, 36, 26
d) 43, 36, 29, 24, 19, 12

Basketball team scored a total of 108 points in the game. Joanne scored 1/2 of the points, and Renee scored 23 points. How many points did the rest of team score?
a) 85 points
b) 31 points
c) 54 points
d) 131 points

Three classes at School are planning a boat trip, there will be 20 students from each class, 24 adults. How many boats will be needed for the trip if each boat holds 10 people?
a) 6 boats
b) 7 boats
c) 8 boats
d) 9 boats

If we need to rent 10 boats, it will cost $35 to rent each boat used for the trip. How much will it cost to rent all the boats needed for the trip?
a) $350.00
b) $3,500.00
c) $45
d) $750.00

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