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Which of the following is a chemical property of a substance
a) density
b) reacts with HCl
c) mass
d) is a white powder

Which item below is a sign of a chemical change?
a) change of water vapor to liquid
b) change in shape
c) change from a liquid to a solid
d) release of energy

Which type of change listed below results in new compounds being formed?
a) chemical
b) state
c) seasonal
d) physical

Salts are formed when which of the following react?
a) solids and gases
b) acids and solids
c) bases and salts
d) acids and bases

Which of the following physical properties does a base have?
a) cold to the touch
b) sharp smell and sour taste
c) slippery and bitter taste
d) gives off gas

Which of the following changes when water evaporates?
a) the physical properties of the water
b) the mass of the water
c) the color of the water
d) the chemical properties of the water

Which of the following is NOT a chemical property of an acid?
a) will react with, or corrode, certain metals
b) tastes sour
c) feels slippery to the touch
d) can damage plant and animal tissue

What is the formula for density?
a) Density = mass / volume
b) Density = mass + volume
c) Density = volume / mass
d) Density = volume - mass

The amount of mass in a given volume
a) bouyancy
b) viscosity
c) pressure
d) density

Which is not an example of a chemical change
a) melting from solid to liquid
b) plants using photosynthesis to make food
c) an apple turning brown
d) bubbling when a substance is added

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