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Formula: Jenny wanted pizza, and Bob had to buy it.
b) SV
c) I;I
d) I,cI

What is missing from this sentence: Jenny and Bob to walk quickly.
a) subject
b) coordinating conjunction
c) verb
d) semicolon

Infinitive: Jenny want to run to town, but Bob would not let her.
a) to run
b) to town
c) would not
d) want

During the game, Tina and Jenny went to the store.
a) D,I
b) SSV
c) I,cI

Formula: Jenny ran to town and bought a guitar.
a) I,cI
b) SV
c) I;I
d) SVV

Verb(s): Tony could climb the tree, or he could fly the kite.
a) could
b) climb, fly
c) could climb, could fly
d) or

Subject(s): Tom ran to Tina's house.
a) Tom, Tina
b) Tina
c) Tom
d) Tin's house

Verb(s): George will wash the car, but he does not want to today.
a) wash, want
b) wash, does not want
c) wash, does want
d) will wash, does want

Formula: The cat stalked the bird, but the dog was stalking the cat!
a) I,cI
b) I;I
d) SV

When writing a sentences, the first step is to...
a) write the sentence
b) find subjects and verbs
c) decide the sentence type
d) make sure it is a complete sentence

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