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Formula: Tom and Penny wanted to run to the store, but Jenny and Cody wanted to drive.
a) I;I
c) I,cI
d) SSV

The coordinating conjunction in the following sentence: Tony could not see the road, so he pulled the car over.
a) so
b) could
c) over
d) pulled

Formula: Tina baked the cake; Tom ate it.
a) SV
b) I,cI
d) I;I

Verb(s): The birds sang; the song was beautiful.
a) sang, was beautiful
b) sang, was
c) sang, song
d) sang, beautiful

Subject(s): The gas station was going out of business, so we bought many things on clearance.
a) gas station, we
b) business, clearance
c) station, business
d) station, we

Coordination conjunction: Tom did not like baked beans, nor did he like kidney beans.
a) nor
b) did not like
c) beans
d) Tom

Verb(s): Jenny did not want to go to the store, nor did she want to stay home.
a) did not want
b) did
c) want
d) did want

Formula: Tom could not clean his car, for he had too much homework.
a) SVV
b) I,cI
d) I;I

Prepositional Phrase: Tom was tired, but Tina was ready for the game.
a) was ready
b) was tired
c) but
d) for the game

This sentences is a complete sentence: Penny was hungry, for pizza.
a) True
b) False

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