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What establishment prevented Dewey from keeping his preferred name spelling?
a) The bank
b) The library
c) The Man
d) The post office

When Dewey was hired in 1883 at Columbia College, he convinced the board to allow him to open a library school. He was chastised for what aspect of the school?
a) Forcing his students and staff to write all their papers in his simplified spelling
b) Allowing students to attend his classes for free
c) Admitting women to the program
d) Allowing students to eat and drink in the library and school rooms

Dewey’s desire to reform lead to which establishment and innovation?
a) Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and the desk pad/blotter
b) Scholastic Publishing and pocket protectors
c) Library of Congress Professional Association (LCPA) and paper clips
d) American Library Association (ALA) and the 3x5 card

In what year did Dewey transfer from the Columbia College Library to the New Your State Library?
a) 1889
b) 1929
c) 1875
d) 1901

Employees of Dewey's at the New York State office were required by Dewey to visit and check what preassigned area every day (if not multiple times a day) for notes and messages?
a) Their mailbox
b) Their AOL inbox
c) Their pigeon hole
d) Their colored envelope on the message board

In the ongoing battle between Dewey and Mary Salome Cutler Fairchild as to which direction to take the New York State Library school, whose educational goals prevailed after 1904?
a) Both Dewey’s and Cutler Fairchild’s visions remained in some form
b) Cutler Fairchild’s cultural/inspirational/theoretical/historical vision remained
c) Dewey’s commerce/technical/practical vision remained
d) Neither

At the Lake Placid Club, a resort Dewey founded in 1895, you would not find which of the following things?
a) Alcohol
b) Books
c) Desserts
d) Menus written in simplified spelling

Dewey had one son, Godfrey. What major event did they plan together?
a) The ALA’s 50th Anniversary Gala
b) The 1932 Winter Olympics
c) USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) National Shrine invocation
d) The 1st Academy Awards Ceremony

After the death of his first wife, Dewey married Emily McKay Beal. She was…
a) A head librarian at New York State Library
b) A devout student of Mary Salome Cutler Fairchild’s
c) The vice president and manager of the Lake Placid Club
d) A cashier at the local Publix Super Market

Melvil Dewey died on December 26, 1931. What headline tribute did the New York Post run on its editorial page?
a) Melvil Dewey: Decimals for All
b) 025.4 D51
c) Great Library Reformer Remembered
d) Melvil Dewey, You’re Our Only Hope

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