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What does GMAW stand for?
a) Gas Metal Arc Welding
b) Green Machine Air Walker
c) Green metal arch welding
d) Gas Metal Acetylene Welding

What does PPE stand for?
a) Paint, polish and extreme
b) personal party equipment
c) police protection equipment
d) personal protective equipment

When should you wear your safety glasses?
a) anywhere in the shop
b) when you feel like it
c) when you are next to someone grinding
d) when you are grinding

What is a welper used for?
a) It is used to clean the grinder
b) It is used to maintain the GMAW tip
c) It isn\'t used in the welding lab
d) it is used to move hot metal around on the workbench

Who is responsible for safety?
a) student
b) principal
c) everyone
d) instructor

GMAW is generally done with what polarity?
b) the GMAW process does not use polarity
c) AC

Inadequate gas flow will cause what defect in GMAW welding?
a) undercutting
b) hydrogen cracking
c) worm tracking
d) porosity

What type of power source is used in GMAW welding?
a) Constant Current
b) Constant Voltage
c) Variable current
d) Alternating Current

What does the "S" in ER-70S-6 mean?
a) Silicon
b) Short Circuit
c) Static
d) Solid

What does the "70" in ER-70S-6 mean?
a) hardness
b) Tensile Strength in KSI
c) Yield strength
d) trade name

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