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Newton's First Law deal with .
a) only motion
b) inertia
c) acceleration
d) momemtum

Objects in __________ remain in ___________ .
a) curved motion ... straight line motion
b) straight line motion ... curved motion
c) orbit ... orbit
d) straight line motion ... straight line motion

Objects at rest will .
a) start to move
b) stay at rest
c) fall down
d) always rest forever

What causes objects to change their motion?
a) net forces
b) movement
c) relative motion
d) applied forces

If a rock tied to the end of a string is moving and the string breaks the rock will
a) continue to curve inward
b) continue to curve outward
c) move straight away from the string
d) move tangent to its last path

Falling objects move faster and faster. This does not violate Newton's First Law because?
a) they are in constant motion.
b) they are being affected by an outside net force.
c) they do violate Newton's First Law.
d) They come to rest.

Newton's First Law is referred to as .
a) conservation of momemtum
b) conservation of energy
c) the law of moving objects
d) the law of inertia

Inertia deals with .
a) only objects in motion
b) only objects at rest
c) any object
d) only massless objects

_________ forces cause a change in motion.
a) applied
b) net
c) frictional
d) balanced

When a car suddenly stops, you will move ___________.
a) sideways
b) forward
c) backward
d) you will not move at all

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