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The largest of the brown algae is _____________________. It is important because________________
a) kelp, it is the foundation of temperate coastal ecosystmes
b) irish moss, it is eaten in Japan
c) Sargassum, it is the foundation of tropical ecosystmes
d) the pneumocyst, it grows 30m per day

Red Algae are important to coral reefs because
a) they help cement the reef togeeether
b) they are the coral\'s primary food
c) they prevent sharks from feeding on the coral
d) they add desirable color to underwater pictures

Algae are Eukarotic
a) true
b) false

The greatest challenge for a plant top living in the sea is
a) predators
b) water motion
c) water salinity
d) low nutrients

A __________plant lives partially in and out of the water. A ____________plant lives entirely under water.
a) submergent, mangrove
b) mangrove, energent
c) submergent, emergent
d) energent, submergent

In addition to food and oxygen, marine plants provide important ______for other marine organisms
a) carbon dioxide
b) light
c) habitats
d) all of the above

Mangrove swamps are important to the environment because
a) they are nurseries for adjacent marine ecosystems
b) the filter run off water
c) they hold sediments in place
d) all of the above

Red algae is in what Phylum of the Protista Kingdom
a) Rhodophyta
b) Phaeophyta
c) Chlorophyta
d) Dinophyta

Brwon Algae is in what Phylum of the Protista Kingdom
a) Phaeophyta
b) Dinophyta
c) Chlorophyta
d) Rhodophyta

Kelp is a sea weed and not an algae
a) false
b) true

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