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Who was the Supreme Court Justice that handed down the decision?
a) James Madison
b) John Adams
c) John Marshall
d) Thomas Jefferson

What principle was established for the Supreme Court out of this case?
a) Judicial Review
b) Habeus Corpus
c) Martial Law
d) Writ of Mandumus

Name the person who sued to be installed as a judge
a) Wilhelm VonSchtinkerbum
b) William Marbury
c) James Madison
d) John Marshall

What is the case of Marbury vs. Madison commonly known as?
a) Great Googly Moogly
b) Midnight Ride
c) Midnight Judges
d) It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Which President appointed the 16 judges on his final day of office?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) John Hamilton
d) John Adams

To which party did John Adams and William Marbury belong?
a) Whig
b) Federalist
c) Democratic-Republican
d) Torie

Why did John Adams appoint 16 judges in his final hours?
a) They were friends of his who needed jobs
b) The country desperately needed more judges
c) The Constitution called for it
d) He wanted to ensure that the Federalist party would maintain influence in the government.

Which Act did John Marshall use to create 16 new judgeship positions?
a) Judiciary Act of 1789
b) Judiciary Act of 1801
c) Judiciary Act of 1763
d) Judiciary Act of 1783

What was James Madison's argument against installing the new judges?
a) He didn't like their robes
b) They didn't wish him happy birthday on facebook
c) The manner in which they were appointed was a desperate attempt to retain power by Federalists
d) It was against the law

What was the judgment handed down from Chief Justice John Marshall?
a) That John Adams acted within the Constitution but it was up to James Madison to install the judges
b) That John Adams actions were unconstitutional
c) That 16 judges were too many
d) That James Madison must install the new judges because it was done according to the Constitution.

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