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Which is an example to a solid?
a) desk
b) orange juice
c) air
d) water

Which is an example of a liquid?
a) book
b) helium
c) root beer
d) ice

Which is an example of a gas?
a) apple juice
b) car
c) water
d) hydrogen

What is a reaction that does not change an object's properties?
a) chemical reaction
b) physical reaction
c) explosion
d) fire

What is a reaction that changes an object into something different?
a) chemical reaction
b) physical change
c) matter
d) space

How do you know a chemical reaction has taken place?
a) melting
b) evaporating
c) sun
d) excessive heat

What is matter?
a) an experiment
b) only a solid form
c) an object that has weight and takes up space
d) only a liquid form

What is a gas?
a) food
b) takes the shapes of its container
c) has no weight and does not take the place of its containter
d) has weight

What is a solid?
a) has weight and volume
b) takes the shape of its container
c) water
d) oxygen

What is a liquid?
a) gas
b) a solid
c) book
d) takes the shape of its container

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