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What is classification?
a) the placing of things into groups of similar items
b) an organism that has cell walls
c) classification key
d) a single kind of organism

What is bacteria?
a) single-celled organisms that lack nuclei
b) basis for classifying living items
c) kingdom
d) largest alligator ever

What is a single kind of organism that can reproduce among its own kind?
a) species
b) genus
c) bacteria
d) animals

What is bigger than phylum?
a) kingdom
b) family
c) species
d) order

What is a protist?
a) a microscopic organism that may have characteristics of plants, animals, or fungi.
b) an organism's name that tells it's genus
c) walking in the park
d) a type body

What is the genus?
a) a group of organisms that share major characteristics and are, therefore, closely related
b) an amount of food
c) dogs and cats
d) help deer survive in cold winter

An organism that has cell walls but does not have chloroplasts is called ________.
a) fungus
b) magma
c) habitat
d) population

The part of an organism's name that tells its species is ______________.
a) second
b) first
c) ninety-nine
d) third

Members a of species share at least one----------------------------that no other animals have.
a) characteristic
b) tiger
c) tropism
d) life cycle

How many levels of classification are there?
a) seven
b) ten
c) thousand
d) six

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