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A black mare raced along the backstretch.
a) complete subject: A black mare raced
b) complete predicate: raced along the backstretch
c) complete predicate: A black mare raced
d) complete subject: raced along

The fire in the fireplace burned brightly all night.
a) complete subject: The fire
b) complete predicate: in the fireplace burned brightly all night
c) complete predicate: fireplace burned brightly all night
d) complete subject: The fire in the fireplace

The telephone on the desk rang suddenly.
a) simple subject: telephone
b) simple subject: desk
c) simple subject: the telephone on the desk
d) simple subject: rang

I admire my grandpa for his carpentry skills.
a) verb: carpentry
b) verb: grandpa
c) verb: admire
d) verb: for

Alicia would like dessert after dinner.
a) verb: like
b) verb: like dessert
c) verb: after
d) verb: would like

Beyond the hedge is the new neighborhood.
a) subject: hedge
b) subject: neighborhood
c) subject: new
d) subject: the

Remember to turn off the lights when leaving the room.
a) subject: lights
b) subject: room
c) subject: (You)
d) subject: turn

Luke believed in himself many things seemed possible to him.
a) complete sentence
b) run-on
c) fragment
d) compound subject

The crossword puzzles in this book appear very difficult.
a) subject complement: difficult (predicate noun)
b) subject complement: book (predicate noun)
c) subject complement: difficult (predicate adjective)
d) there is not subject complement in this sentence; appear is an action verb

George threw the receiver a pass for a touchdown!
a) direct object: receiver
b) direct object: pass
c) indirect object: pass
d) indirect object: touchdown

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