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What is mulled wine made of?
a) It's made of red wine, spices, fruit juice, fruit and sugar.
b) It's made of red wine, fruit and soft drinks.
c) It's made of red wine, spices and salt.
d) It's made of red sauce, spices, fruit juice, fruit and syrup.

Talking about Mince Pies, which of the following are true?
a) All the answers are true.
b) Minced Pies used to be filled with meat.
c) Minced Pies have been a dessert since the Victorian era.
d) Mince Pies are very sweet.

What is true about Christmas Puddings?
a) They are served in the dark, set on fire before serving and they sometimes hide money inside.
b) They are served for dinner in Carnival.
c) They are only eaten by vegetarians.
d) They are made of beef, chicken and turkey.

Turkey are such big birds that they can't be eaten in one meal. What happens with the leftovers?
a) People often make salads, soup and curry with leftover turkey.
b) People throw it away because they have already eaten too much.
c) People donate it to the poor.
d) People often make omelette, jacket potatoes and bread rolls.

What are cranberries?
a) The two answers are true.
b) The two answers are false.
c) Cranberries are fruit.
d) Cranberry sauce makes turkey taste better.

What is Advent?
a) It is a period of four weeks before Christmas.
b) It is a period of four weeks after Christmas.
c) It has nothing to do with Christmas but with Easter.
d) It is the period of time between April and July.

What is and Advent calendar used for?
a) All the answers are true.
b) It is a Christmas countdown.
c) It is used by children to count the days left for Christmas.
d) It is used to count all the days of the month before Christmas.

What do you know about mistletoe?
a) It's an evergreen plant with small white fruit.
b) It's a flower with a nice smell.
c) It's an essence frequently used in burials.
d) It's a strange animal that only comes out during the day.

What is a Christmas cracker?
a) It is a tube of coloured paper wrapped round a small present, to be pulled by two people.
b) It is a tube of black and white plastic that contains chocolate.
c) It is a tube with medicine inside.
d) It is a tube used to lay the table in Christmas.

When is Boxing Day celebrated?
a) On the 26th of December.
b) Boxing Day doesn't exist.
c) Boxing Day is on the 25th of December, just before Christmas Eve.
d) Boxing Day is celebrated when there is boxing on TV.

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