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Who is the protagonist?
a) Judd
b) Marty
c) Shiloh
d) The Preston Family

Who is the antagonist?
a) Judd
b) Marty
c) Shiloh
d) The Preston Family

What breed of dog is Shiloh?
a) German Sheperd
b) Hunter
c) Boxer
d) b

Who delivers mail?
a) Mr.Wallace
b) Mr. Murphy
c) Mr. Preston
d) Mr. Travers

Who sells groceries?
a) Mr. Murphy
b) Mr. Wallace
c) Mr. Preston
d) Mr. Travers

Who is the doctor?
a) Doc Preston
b) Doc Travers
c) Doc Murphy
d) Doc Wallace

Who is Marty's 3 year old sister?
a) Dara Lynn
b) Becky
c) Darlene
d) Beth

Who is Marty's 7 year old sister?
a) Darlene
b) Dara Lynn
c) Becky
d) Beth

Who "knows Marty better than he knows himself?"
a) David Howard
b) Dara Lynn
c) Shiloh
d) Mrs. Preston

Who is Marty's friend?
a) Douglas Howard
b) Derrick Howard
c) Daniel Howard
d) David Howard

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