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Which of the following is a result of Russia's new economic system?
a) government has set price controls
b) privitization is being discouraged
c) central government makes all economic activities
d) companies have begun to advertise

What kind of government does Russia have today?
a) federal republic
b) democracy
c) communist state
d) dictatorship

Which economic region is a center of manufacturing, mining, and farming?
a) St. Petersburg & Baltic region
b) Volga & Urals region
c) Siberia
d) Moscow region

Which of the following did the Russian government legalize in order to create a free market economy?
a) underemployment
b) oligarchy
c) privitization
d) light industry

After the fall of the Soviet Union, several ethnic groups throughout Russia launched
a) separatist movements
b) privitization efforts
c) light industries
d) oligarchies

After communism, there was a manufacturing shift toward
a) more heavy industry
b) less industry all together
c) more light industry
d) less light industry

Which is a problem that occurred during Russia's shift to a free market economy?
a) higher prices for goods and services
b) the depoisit insurance system
c) too many new businesses starting up
d) rise of business oligarchs

Which city is the political center of Russia?
a) St. Petersburg
b) Moscow
c) Volga
d) Omsk

Which Russian city is known for its palaces and churches?
a) Moscow
b) Kaliningrad
c) Omsk
d) St. Petersburg

People who take jobs requiring lesser skills than they have are ___________.
a) oligarchs
b) separatists
c) underemployed
d) privitized

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