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Why has the life expectancy of men declined in Russia?
a) No health care
b) Low birthrates
c) Wars
d) Poor nutrition, alcoholism, and drug abuse

How do Russians view the war in Chechnya?
a) An attack on Christianity
b) An attempt to bring back Communism
c) A struggle against terrorism
d) An assassination attempt on the president

Which of the following has helped Russia move to a market economy?
a) higher prices for oil and gas
b) better health care
c) increased incomes
d) weaker government authority

Who was Russia's leader when it was a Soviet republic?
a) Mikhail Gorbachev
b) Vladimir Putin
c) Boris Yeltsin
d) Joseph Stalin

Why haven't Russia's banks helped its economy grow?
a) The banks won't lend people money.
b) The banks are controlled by the government.
c) Russia's currency is not worth very much.
d) Many Russians do not trust the banks.

What did Vladimir Putin do to Russia's government?
a) Eliminated all political parties.
b) Strengthened presidential powers.
c) Split the government into local, regional, and national branches.
d) Made it illegal to issue decrees.

Which of the following is NOT a change that Russians experienced after Communist rule?
a) Russians could openly criticize leaders and their policies.
b) Many different political parties were able to organize.
c) The government still controlled the content of books and magazines.
d) Consumerism increased.

In what kind of economy does the government make all economic decisions?
a) command
b) market
c) mixed
d) welfare

What kind of economy does Russia have today?
a) command
b) market
c) mixed
d) welfare

What is/was the outcome of the struggle between Chechnya and the Russian government?
a) Chechnya gained independence.
b) Chechnya became part of the Ukraine instead of part of Russia.
c) The Chechens were all killed, so the conflict ended.
d) The conflict remains unresolved.

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