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The setting of the book is in what state
a) California
b) Oklahoma
c) New Jersey
d) Texas

The narrator and the main character is
a) Blaine
b) Chuck Norris
c) Hampton
d) Darnell

What day did Hampton and Blaine meet?
a) Fourth of July
b) Labor Day
c) Memorial Day
d) Christmas

Who do Hampton and Blaine idolize?
a) G. Roy Strong
b) Vince Young
c) T. Roy Strong
d) Steve Young

What position does Darnell play?
a) Running Back
b) Wide Receiver
c) Linebacker
d) Quarterback

Hampton likes ____________but Blain wants him to date ________________.
a) Misty and Sara
b) Kim Kardashian and Misty
c) Sara and Misty
d) Darla and Misty

Hampton and his crush have what class together?
a) Gym
b) English
c) Math
d) History

The Kennisaw Knights are going for how many undefeated seasons?
a) 6
b) 2
c) 5
d) 1

Blaine and Hampton always dream of playing for what college
a) Oklahoma State
b) Texas
c) Oklahoma
d) Notre Dame

Where do Hampton and his
a) The Library
b) Sweet's Cafe
c) The Kennisaw Diner
d) Hampton's House

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