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What group did Osama Bin Laden train with in the 1980s?
a) Mujahedeen
b) Taliban
c) al-Qaeda
d) Coalition

Who were the Mujahedeen?
a) A terrorist organization that was determined to destroy Israel
b) A freedom fighting force that was trained and given weapons by the US to defend Afghanistan
c) A terrorist group that was created by Saddam Hussein to defend Iraq
d) A Muslim group that fights Palestinians in Israel

What is a Fatwa?
a) The name of the Afghan freedom fighters created to defend Afghanistan from the Soviet Union
b) The name of the US ship that Bin Laden bombed in Yemen
c) A proclamation for jihad, or religous war
d) A weapon used by al-Qaeda against the United States

Which of the following is NOT an event that Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda were responsible for in the war on terror?
a) The bombing of the World Trade Centers in New York City
b) The invasion of Afghanistan in 1979
c) The bombing of the USS Yemen
d) The crashing of a plane into the Pentagon in Washington DC

What is Jihad?
a) A Muslim lunch food
b) A group of terrorists in Iraq
c) The capital city of Iraq
d) A religious or holy war

In what city and country did the US Navy Seals find Osama Bin Laden?
a) Baghdad, Iraq
b) Kuwait City, Kuwait
c) Kabul, Afghanistan
d) Abbottobad, Pakistan

Who was the founder of al-Qaeda?
a) Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
b) Omar Khadafi
c) Osama Bin Laden
d) Saddam Hussein

Which describes the Taliban?
a) The ruling council of Iran
b) Israeli group seeking peace with Muslims
c) American plan for peace in the Middle East
d) Islamic militia group that has controlled large parts of life in Afghanistan

What had Saddam Hussein done in the past that caused the UN to respond with war?
a) Commissioned statues of himself to be built all over Iraq
b) Used chemical weapons on the Kurds
c) Used chemical weapons on the Iraqis
d) Built and used weapons of mass destruction

Why did the United States expand the war on terror to Iraq?
a) The US believed that Osama Bin Laden planned the 9/11 attacks
b) Osama Bin Laden invaded a neighboring country
c) To gain control of Bin Laden's oil production
d) To destroy the weapons of mass destruction that Bin Laden had already used

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