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The 0 degree line of latitude divides the earth into- ?
a) east and west
b) north and south
c) major oceans
d) cold and warm climates

Which geographic region wraps around the Hudson Bay?
a) Canadian Shield
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Interior Lowlans
d) Appalachian Mountains

What is the name of the main line of latitude, also known as zero (0 degrees) latitude?
a) parallel
b) the equator
c) the Prime Meridian
d) a grid

Which is a list of oceans?
a) Red, Mississippi, Pacific
b) Atlantic, Ohio, Colombia
c) Southern, Indian, Artic
d) Pacific, Atlantic, Northern

Which of the following is a list of continents?
a) Australia, North America, and Africa
b) North Carolina, Michigan, and Neveda
c) Germany, Kentucky, and Australia
d) France, Egypt, and Germany

How many continents are there on planet Earth?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 7
d) 13

Which water feature formed part of the Northeastern border with Canada and connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
a) Columbia River
b) St. Lawrence River
c) Pacific Ocean
d) Rio Grande River

What river was known as the gateway to the west?
a) Colorado River
b) Rio Grande River
c) Mississippi River
d) Ohio River

Which river forms a border between the United States and Mexico?
a) Colorado River
b) Rio Grande River
c) Mississippi River
d) Ohio River

The waterway that allowed French and Spanish explorers routes to Mexico and other parts of America was the-?
a) Colorado River
b) Gulf of Mexico
c) Chesapeake Bay
d) Missouri River

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