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A mass movement that involves the sudden movement of a block of material along a flat, inclined surface is called a
a) slide
b) rockfall
c) slump
d) flow

What is the slowest type of mass movement
a) creep
b) slump
c) rockfall
d) earthflow

A relatively rapid from of mass movement that is most common in dry mountainous regions is
a) mudlfow
b) creep
c) slump
d) earthflow

Whic of the following statements best describes a slump?
a) Slippage of a block of material moving along a curved surface
b) blocks of rock sliding down a slope
c) rapid flow of water saturated debris, most common in mountainous regions
d) slow downhill movement of soil and regolith

Alternate freezing and thawing often leads to
a) creep
b) slump
c) mudflow
d) earthflow

a) occurs when large masses of igneous rock, (especailly granite) begin to break loose like the layers of an onion
b) occurs when you spill AXE facial cleanser on rocks
c) occurs while you watch Oprah

The air in soil provides plants with ____________ needed for photsynthesis
a) CO2
b) the Energy drink
c) the music

A vertical secion of all the soil horizons is called
a) a soil profile
b) a lot of dirt
c) a muddy mess

What are the characteristics of each soil horizon
a) A: topsoil, mostly organic, B: subsoil, clay; C: wathered parent material; below C: unweathered parent material
b) not this one
c) not this one
d) NO!

Where is the soil better for a garden and why?
a) Eastern US - lots of pedalfer
b) not this one
c) NO! not this one
d) not this one

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