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Sports spectators are seen as good potential customers partly due to their…
a) Amount of free time available for watching sports
b) Emotional ties to sports
c) Ability to travel long distances to see games
d) None of these

One reason for the rise in popularity of women's sports is....
a) The current generation having grown up with sports under Title IX
b) A falling interest in men's sports
c) A higher caliber of sponsors for women's sports
d) None of these

Sponsorship involves...
a) Donating products
b) Donating services
c) Financing an event
d) All of these

Sponsors pay careful attention to budgets because....
a) Their image is on the line
b) Sponsorship has become very costly
c) There are so many sponsorship options from which to choose
d) All of these

Promotion is...
a) Information about a product,service, or event
b) The exchange of a product or service for another item of value
c) Another word for target marketing.
d) None of these

An example of publicity is...
a) Buying advertising space on a city bus.
b) Helping customers find an item in a shoe store
c) Offering a taste of new crackers in a grocery store
d) Being featured on the evening news.

Women make what percent of purchasing decisions?
a) 60
b) 70
c) 80
d) 90

Women spend how much per year in sports wear?
a) 5 Million
b) 5 Billion
c) 6 Million
d) 6 Billion

Legislation that promotes fairness and equity to female athletics is called.
a) 17th Amendment
b) Title X
c) 13th Amendment
d) Title IX

An endorsement is..
a) a promotional tool.
b) a person's approval of a product or service.
c) often most successful when made by a celebrity.
d) All of these

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