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Monarchs inherit their power through...
a) Birth
b) Taking over
c) Using the military
d) Elections

A Monarch is either....
a) A king or queen
b) A dictator
c) A President
d) A Prime Minister

Type of Government where the leader is influenced by religion
a) Theocracy
b) Dictatorship
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Democracy

When a king or queen has total power over their country
a) Absolute Monarchy
b) Constitutional Monarchy
c) Dictatorship
d) Theocracy

Whena king/queen's power is limited by rules are already in place.
a) Constitutional Monarchy
b) Dictatorship
c) Absolute Monarchy
d) Theocracy

This document is the supreme law of the land in the U.S.
a) Constitution
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Articles of Confederation
d) Magna Charta

Which of the following is NOT a cause of WWI
a) Attack on Pearl Harbor
b) Militarism
c) Alliances
d) Nationalism

What is the term for when a stronger nation takes over a weak nation
a) Imperialism
b) Tariff
c) Suffrage
d) Enlightenment

Rural means....
a) Country
b) City
c) Urban
d) Suburb

Urbaninzation means....
a) People moving to the cities
b) People moving to the country
c) People moving to the suburbs
d) People leaving the country.

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