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A pocket of air, also known as the albumen, lies between the membranes at the wide end of an egg.
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

How do grades AA and A eggs differ from grade B eggs?
a) Grades AA and A eggs are more nutritious
b) Grades AA and A eggs are bigger
c) Grades AA and A eggs have a thicker white
d) Grades AA and A eggs have a bigger yolk

What is the term for two thick, twisted strands of albumen that anchor the yolk in the center of the egg?
a) membrane
b) air cell
c) chalazae
d) air pocket

Merinque is always soft.
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

Baked eggs are also known as shirred eggs
a) True
b) False
c) -------
d) -------

Eggs are sold according to grade and size standards set by the _____________.
b) fried
c) yolk
d) poached

Before cooking an egg in the microwave, pierce the _________ to allow heat and steam to escape.
a) Albumen
c) Fried
d) Yolk

How should you prepare raw vegetables and meats before adding them to an omelet?
a) Cook them ahead of time
b) Warm them slightly in the oven
c) Stir them directly into the egg mixture
d) none of the above

What is a pie with a custard filling that contains foods like chopped vegetables, cheese, and chopped cooked meat?
a) merinque
b) quiche
c) custard
d) soft merinque

What is the one way to make sure your beaten egg whites will foam and rise well?
a) Use a wooden bowl
b) Use a plastic bowl
c) Make sure no trace of yolk is in the whites
d) Make sure no trace of white is in the yolk

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