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Who was the first early human to leave Africa?
a) Homo erectus
b) Austrapolithicus
c) Homo sapien
d) Homo habilis

Who were the creative homo sapiens?
a) Neanderthals
b) Homo erectus
c) Cro-Magnons
d) Homo sapiens

Which early human invented fire?
a) Austrapolithicus
b) Homo sapien
c) Homo habilis
d) Homo erectus

Which tools were used by Homo Habilis?
a) hammer stone
b) all of the choices
c) side scraper
d) chopper

Which is not true about early language?
a) it allowed them to share information
b) it spurred the development of early culture
c) it allowed them to work together
d) it allowed them to tell jokes

Which of the following shows the most accurate timeline of the development of early human according to scientists?
a) 8 million to 4 million years ago
b) 25 million to 4 million years ago
c) 3 million to 10,000 years ago
d) 2,500 to 50 years ago

Terra Amata camps:
a) were framed from branches and stones
b) all of the choices
c) fresh water source
d) had fire hearths and a workspace to cut meat

Who showed that they were caring and took care of invalids?
a) Homo erectus
b) Cro-Magnon
c) Austrapolithicus
d) Homo habilis

What prefix means many?
a) multi-
b) pre-
c) uni-
d) many-

Where were Neanderthals from?
a) Germany
b) Australia
c) Asia
d) Africa

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